5 ways to run a green job search

The term ‘going green’ refers to the pursuit of knowledge and putting into practice methods that lead to more environmentally friendly decisions. These lifestyle changes, no matter how small, can have a positive affect on the environment. With more people making these small adjustments to go greener with their lifestyle choices, the planet can hopefully fight back against climate change and the ever depleting natural resources around the world.

Going greener could mean changing dietary habits, like becoming a vegetarian or vegan. It could also mean buying an electric car or having solar panels fitted to our roofs. But one thing that could also help make a difference is conducting a greener a job search.

Every small contribution we can make to reducing our carbon footprint and living a greener lifestyle will help generations to come. Let’s not forgot some of the lesser well known activities in our lives and how we can continue to fight for our planet. Here are 5 ways to run a greener job search.

Use a green energy supplier

The most common way to apply for a job is online through job boards and job postings. To do that we need a desktop computer or laptop which uses electricity. Many hours can be spent playing games, browsing the internet, or writing a CV and applying for a job. As such, have you ever considered using a green energy supplier?

Wind turbines and solar power harnesses the natural energy that’s all around us to help provide a much greener energy supply. Go online to find out which company offers the greenest solution to your energy needs, and create a much greener job search.

When it comes to using your computer to write a CV, remember to always put your tech into standby mode or turn off altogether when you’re not using it. Forgetting to switch off appliances like laptops is an easy mistake to make when leading such busy lives, but that simple act will help stick to a greener lifestyle.

Apply via email

You have to use your computer to create a CV, and more often than not applying online is the quickest and most effective method of gaining an interview. If you are able to search for a job online you will be able to avoid printing your CV and using paper.

Each year around 4 billion trees are chopped down and used for paper. This represents about 35 percent of all harvested trees. That’s a lot of trees, and if this industry continues to expand and devastate more forests around the world, our use of paper could and should come to an end. So think twice about printing your CV off and consider emailing it to the employers if you can.

Use recyclable paper

If you really do need to print off your CV, then consider using recycling paper as it helps to conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases. Typically you may want to consider handing out a few applications to try and get the word out that you are available for work. This is standard practice for high street vacancies, like retail shops and food and restaurant businesses.

Don’t try and avoid this just to save on paper because the employer will usually prefer a potential candidate to hand out their CV in person. On the spot interviews are common in these industries as they want to quickly hire and cut out the expensive process of advertising and reading lots of applications.

Recycling paper is made from using old paper. So rather than throw it in the general waste bin you should discard any used paper in the correct recycling bin. This will help the environment and ensure that you are going green when it comes to applying for a job.

Don’t hand out too many CVs

During your quest to hand out as many applications as possible, be careful not to print too many and hand out your CV to everyone you come across. To create a greener job search you should print out a sensible amount of CVs, and only consider giving them to businesses you have a real chance with.

Most people print off about thirty applications and think that they can simply give it out to every single business they come across on the high street. Although you could say that the more you hand out the more chance you have of getting an interview, there is a much smarter and greener way of approaching this.

A tailored CV stands a far greater chance of success than one which is a simple list of all your achievements, grades, qualifications, skills and experience. An employer wants to read a CV that demonstrates relevant abilities, and not just an entire career history. As such, if you decide to print out a lot of applications and hand them out to numerous businesses, you could be wasting your time.

A more focused approach is better, so do your research before you head off out into town with your CVs. Think about what you really want to do and what skills you currently have. If you want to work in a restaurant business then target specific employers. Once you have an idea of who you want to apply to in person with your CV or send through the post, you can then shape your CV around their needs. Tailor your CV to the business or industry if possible and create a more effective and greener job search.

Use local transport

When the interview appointments start flooding in it’s time to consider the greenest approach to your method of transport. Depending on how far you have to travel to the business, going by train or bus is much greener than driving your own car. It may seem much more convenient, but if you don’t have far to travel and there is an easy route via public transport, then we would recommend choosing that.

Owning a car adds greatly to your carbon footprint, and if your main reason for having one is to get to work and back you could be better off considering local transport. The cost of owning and running a car is very high – insurance, general repairs, MOTs, petrol – are all very costly. So if you want to go greener and save a lot of money, then do away with your car and consider catching the bus or train to work. Better still, if it isn’t too far and you want to stay in shape you could ride your bike to work.

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