Where is the best place to find a job?

There are a few ways that you can search for a job. You could walk into lots of retail shops and hand out your CV, or you could ask some friends to see if they have something available where they work. But the two ways which are considered the most effective are through social media sites and job boards. But why is that?

Job boards are pretty straightforward to use. You simply go online and type in some search parameters for your desired job and you should then be presented with lots of opportunities in your area. If you are looking for a customer service role, then just type this in and be greeted with lots of different and varied customer service roles. But is social media just as easy?

Although social media has many uses, searching for a job is not always the best experience. Here’s why social media does not work as well as job boards.

Social media requires a lot of work

Having an online presence can be very beneficial when it comes to your career. But if you are specifically looking for a job then it isn’t always the best place to start. If we look at social media sites like LinkedIn which are specifically designed for business users to share and connect, then we can begin to see how much work is required.

Most of us have a LinkedIn profile, but how often is it checked and updated? How often do we all share, post, comment, connect and contribute regularly to our industry? These questions are very important because the whole concept of having a profile on sites like LinkedIn is to maintain a high level of contribution. If you don’t, then you are not going to see a decent return on your investment.

So does that mean we shouldn’t bother with an account if we don’t have the time or energy to invest? No, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one, but it does mean you are less likely to be headhunted and contacted by an employer or friend for a job opportunity.

You are waiting to be headhunted

LinkedIn and other social media sites that specialise or have the facility to allow job postings or individuals to connect through business opportunities are only going to get you so far. The chances of being headhunted and specifically targeted for a job are quite small, no matter how great your profile and credentials are. This doesn’t mean to say it won’t happen, and employers will regularly check these sites for potential candidates. But social media sites are often littered with semi-committed people who don’t spend the time needed online to further their career.

Would you like to have the opportunity of being headhunted? Who wouldn’t? But are you willing to invest the time needed to make that possible? There is nothing wrong with creating such an extensive online profile and presence – we would highly recommend it. The opportunities that can arise could be unique and could shape your career for the better. Keeping up to date with your particular field is also important, so we would certainly encourage sharing, reading and connecting. But don’t just rely on social media to do the work for you – it has its limitations.

Most people just like to advertise

Social media is like most other website businesses. It’s there for one reason and one reason alone – to make money. Advertising revenue plays a huge part in the very existence of these websites which means you will be often inundated with special offers and deals promising the world. This is usually the price you pay for a free service. Or, you may be able to subscribe and receive better services to help your career. This is all great, and nothing that you wouldn’t expect. But does that really help you search for a job?

Most individuals and employers use these social media platforms to advertise their goods or services. So whilst you may be connecting to other like minded professionals, it rarely means that an attractive opportunity presents itself on a regular basis. Although your online presence and portfolio can boost your reputation, it isn’t a direct route to finding the right job for you.

Amidst the hundreds of posts, shares and likes you are unlikely to find what you’re looking for. The route to a job offer isn’t an easy one, and you may have to contact lots of people just to find a potential job vacancy. When compared with a job board, the task of finding a specific role is much smaller. And that’s because they are designed to do lots of things rather than just one.

It isn’t specifically designed for job postings

A social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter try to accommodate all sorts of activities, from personal use, connecting to friends and family, sharing pictures and stories, and much more. There main focus isn’t on presenting someone with job vacancies based on their personal criteria, like job title, location, skills, qualifications and experience.

Using social media to connect and share within your chosen industry is a must these days, and we would highly recommend getting online and contributing on a regular basis. Not only do you increase your chances of being headhunted, you are keeping up to date with the latest news in your sector.

Your commercial awareness needs to be high, and to become an expert in your field you need to keep your finger on the button. Your reputation is also important, and having an online presence is the key to securing lots of opportunities. But if you want to find a job today we would recommend going straight to a job board and searching for what’s available in your area. It’s the quickest and most direct way of searching for available jobs in your area, with no fuss, no frills, and no hassle. You can quickly upload your CV and the recruiter will do all the work for you. You just have to sit back and wait for the interviews to come flooding in.

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